University Meetups


SFU Meetup:

“As the evening drew to a close, I remember feeling inspired by our collective will to persevere in the face of adversity.” -Attendee of SFU meetup, current Cmolik scholar

SFU alumnus Megan McKillop generously hosted this meetup for current SFU students on a (typically rainy) day on SFU’s Burnaby campus. The gathering was cozy, full of past and present Cmolik students at Club Ilia atop Burnaby Mountain who shared a plate of nachos while discussing their goals and aspirations. The gathering was a great success and allowed students to build closer bonds with individuals in the Cmolik community they perhaps would not have known beforehand!

UBC Meetup

“I had so much fun at the UBC student social that I stayed longer, despite the fact that I had other plans that evening!” – Attendee of UBC meetup, current Cmolik scholar

On a cold day in January, UBC alumnus hosted a meetup for current Cmolik members attending UBC—a great chance for Cmolik students to socialize in a smaller, more intimate environment than the usual yearly meetups. Weike came equipped with board games, creating a fun, carefree day full of laughs, friendly competition and socializing! Students were able to discuss topics unique to UBC, network with students from their collective university, while snacking on delicious food. The social was a fantastic way for students to interact and meet students they may have had classes with and had not even known.

Douglas Meetup

“It was a great dinner date, I had the chance to catch up with a student who was also in nursing and reminisce about nursing school.” -Attendee of Douglas meetup, Cmolik alumni

Following the 2018 New Year, a tight-knit group of Douglas students started their semester off with a meet and greet at Browns Social House in Coquitlam. Like-minded students had the chance to catch up, eat a fabulous dinner and connect with students in similar programs!


Written by: Lucy MacKinnon, Cmolik scholar